Dallas Baker

Outpost Manager & Guide

ACA Level II
Certified Life Guard
First Aid/CPR

Perhaps destined to be a kayak guide, Dallas grew up volunteering at the non-profit organization that his mother established, Anchors Away, which allowed individuals with disabilities to experience water-skiing, kayaking, canoeing and other recreational activities.  When he’s not leading kayak tours down Shem Creek or into the wilds of Folly Creek, you’ll find Dallas playing bluegrass in his band, Dallas Baker and Friends, surfing the waves or exploring a new water trail by kayak.

Big-hearted, generous and energetic, Dallas will know your name by the time you’re on the water- and by the end of your tour, you’ll feel like you’ve been friends for years.   He shines on field trips, family tours with kids, and as an instructor.

“My father and I looked forward to our Coastal Expeditions Kayaking trip. Our expedition and guide did not disappoint! Dallas, our guide, displayed an animated disposition towards kayaking and the surrounding topography; he made sure to point out all native animals as we encountered them. In addition, Dallas provided my dad and I, experienced kayakers, important pointers so as to bolster our enjoyment and knowledge of the sport.”  -Matthew L, TripAdvisor

SPIRIT ANIMAL:  Osprey.  I enjoy the characteristics of raptors in general, and as a pescatarian I identify with their seafood diet.

HOMETOWN: Son of the Lowcountry.  Born in Mount Pleasant, raised in Goose Creek and found my happiness on James Island.

FAVORITE COASTAL EXPEDITIONS TOUR:  The Sunset Tour or Sunrise Tour from the Folly Creek Outpost.  I also enjoy when Crab Bank opens up for the season on Shem Creek tours.

FAVORITE ANIMAL TO SEE ON TOUR:  Dolphins of course, but I also really enjoy seeing Brown Pelicans diving for dinner.

WORDS YOU LIVE BY:  Manifest abundance.  Do what makes you great.