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Rolling Up Our Sleeves to Protect Charleston's Wild Places

Introducing CREST to the Charleston Community

As the concessionaire for group services within Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge since 1994, we’re keenly aware of what it takes to manage this 66,000-acre habitat of estuaries and islands.  The refuge management does an incredible amount of conservation, maintenance and scientific work with a team of only 4 full-time employees.  Due to the scope, much of the necessary work within the refuge would go undone without the help of volunteers.

Volunteers assist in many different ways.  They have restored the Dominick House on Bulls Island, fixed boardwalks on trails, maintained pathways on Lighthouse Island to the historic lights, led walking tours,  joined the Turtle Team and much more.

We want to help all of this continue and grow though additional fundraising and volunteer opportunities.  CREST is your portal to beach sweeps, bird counts, island maintenance needs, fundraisers and more within Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.


  • Make a donation of $35 to support sea turtles in Cape Romain and you will automatically become a member of CREST.
  • Your donation will be used to support the Sea Turtle Team and their efforts to protect loggerhead sea turtle nests within the refuge.
  • If you want to do more, we’d love to have you!  Throughout the year, you’ll receive invitations to volunteer on beach sweeps and service projects.  You’ll get opportunities to attend fundraisers like Bird Jam for Turtles and first dibs on special expeditions.


  • We’d appreciate being part of your giving plan.   As a 501(c)3, your donations are tax-deductible.
  • Coastal Expeditions, Inc. donates all administrative staff time plus the use of equipment to make sure that 100% of your contribution goes to conservation.